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Founded in 1969, and still held in 100% private ownership, Anstoss is a pioneer in the field of electronic gas ignition products and leads the way in research, development, and manufacture of such devices.

At the custom-built headquarters in Vienna, manufacturing processes are performed with fully automatic production and testing machinery, developed specifically for purpose by Anstoss engineers, and each product is stringently quality checked to ensure the highest production standards are maintained.

At the forefront of Anstoss’ philosophy is to ensure that state-of-the-art technologies are employed in production and quality assurance, allowing for constant innovation, 100% quality testing, and flexibility to meet specific customer needs.

The Anstoss product range includes:
Single spark ignitors
Repetitive spark ignitors
Battery operated ignitors
Switch bands
Full sequential control units – customised to individual customer requirements

Anstoss is your partner, wherever gas needs to be ignited!

Thermaco is proud to be their UK agent.