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Faucigny Coupatan

Faucigny Coupatan

FAUCIGNY INSTRUMENTS and COUPATAN are two acknowledged brands in the time switch and analogue timer industry, now owned and part of the IPH Group. Originally designed for use in household appliances, their use is now mainly concentrated in commercial and industrial equipment such as Commercial Catering, Sunbeds, Telescopes, Leisure Equipment and Clothes Dryers.

Development of products, tool making and manufacture of metal and plastic components are ensured in the plant located in Thyez – FRANCE.
Components are shipped to SAME, the Tunisian plant, for assembly of the final product.

High precision manual assembly of clock components
Semiautomatic assembly
Stamping of motor stator and rotor components
Spring winding
Test of mechanism
Manual and semiautomatic machines
Hydraulic machines
Pneumatic machines
Test bed
Logistic and quality control are ensured by FAUCIGNY INSTRUMENTS/COUPATAN in France.

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